I Almost Do

Tonight, I will talk about myself. About a thing what I almost do. About learning to be something. I believe that I could be better than now. How about yesterday? How about today? Is it still being a mystery? Yes, of course. But, it began yesterday.

I was done my assignment on time, although in the last minute. We should make the best portfolio. So, I tried to be the best. I put my CV and some resume about my passion in writing and photography. I thought I did my best on this assignment and I'm very enthusiast.

On Friday, I walked to the Business Communication class with Desi. I thought if she made a better portfolio than me. A few minutes later, she left class and told me, "I will go to the Unsoed Health Center. Caca's waiting for me there to make a certificate of health."

"Are you sure want to register KKN to Riau?" I asked. She told me if she is sure.

Then, when the lecturer came, Desi fills out the presence before she left the class. I stay in the class and regret why I didn't take any risks for register KKN to Riau. Ah, maybe it wasn't my luck to be there. Actually, I loved to traveling to somewhere, and KKN to Riau is my chance to explore that place. I didn't know, I'm simply not sure.

In Business Communication class, my lecturer, Mr. Bekti said if only one has got an excellent point on the portfolio assignment. She is Ella, who has got an excellent point. When I got mine, I tried to read what he wrote on my portfolio. I just could read "good" and couldn't read any else of his note. I felt so happy and proud myself.

Being a part of "good" group of the assignment, I felt very very happy. In the class, Mr. Bekti explain what should we do with all of our competency. Many of us just list one ability. What about the other skills? Are we believe that with one ability we would be accepted? Of course, the HRD will select the candidates with a lot of ability, not only one ability. So, what about mine?

"Yesterday I read some of you said that you have a passion for writing. What kind of writing? Journalism? But, I found one who wrote that she write a novel and blogger?  Who is that?" Mr. Bekti asked. I was just silent, even though it was me. Mr. Bekti repeats the question.

I glanced to the right and left before I raised my hand. "Nah, that's it. You would be specific what kind of writing skills. Whether it is a film script or the other script. No one of you wrote the kind of specific skills, right?" He continued.

Oh, I see. I just wrote that I love writing, no more. Maybe, he right that I should think what kind of my specific skills on writing. After this day, I will learn about write a film script. If yesterday I just wrote a short story, today I should write new thing such as film script. I remember I have learned how to write a film script on Facebook group. Basically, I knew a few technique to make it.

Once again, I hope you are not boring to read this post. It's about...confidence. I wrote on my CV that I'm not an extrovert person, neither an introvert. I'm only me, an ambivert person. I think that almost people also felt like that. Hm, what kind of this thing? Let's read.

Still on Business Communication class and Mr. Bekti told us about the man on the class of 2012 who have a business of phone's pulse. So, he asked us, "Which one of you who has a business phone's pulse by the man? (Siapa dari kalian yang berjualan pulsa dan mengambil (pulsanya) dari angkatan 2012 itu? - takut salah grammar).

All of them said, "Dimas!" Again, I just was silent.

"You take the pulse from the man class of 2012?", he asked Dimas.

"No, Sir," Dimas answered.

"So, who is that?" I hesitated to raise my hand.

"Ah, you! Come on, you just share your story about the business. So, how much your income in a month?" he asked me.

"Hm, I never counted it, Sir."

"No problem. Just approximately (kira-kira saja)."

"Maybe, It almost four hundred thousand rupiahs."

"Nah, that's it. I didn't embarrass you. We can learn from her. Many of us who may have no income and still ask for money to parents. Look at her! She has an income 400.000 rupiahs in a month with selling the phone's pulse." Then my friends applauded,

I feel so proud of myself. I consider is this a small business, but it can be something great in the other's eyes. So, from today, I'll try my best and do something new. 

Thanks to read this post. I'm still learning to fix my grammar. So, I'm sorry if there a lot of grammatical errors. Would you help me to fix it? Thank you and good night :)

Purwokerto, April 17, 2016. 00:32.

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