Now We're Just A Memory

May 18, 2020

Life is such as a big dramas. You loved him, but he loves her. But, you both still standing together trying to find answer of this shitty moments.

Holding hands like it makes us better. Talking over the night and went to bed after crying together. I kiss your lips and still don't know what I've done.

It was always like this when we're together. I always thinking, "Why I never get angry to you?"

I started read a book of your life and get in and trying to fix it. It feels like I'm cleaning, cooking, talking, and sleeping with someone in a house and make them like as home.

After a disgusting day, you walk away from me and bring your clean house to someone else. I can't get mad, just wondering why and never get the answer.

But, now, it doesn't matter. I never get angry to you.

Today is wishing day.

I put all my positive vibes to my Monday, have breakfast with a toast bread and coffee without sugar. Have late lunch on 3 pm and didn't know what I ate before. Then, have a late dinner with you is impossible. But, there you are.

We walked around the mall like a weird couple. Looking for an Indonesian foods but we choose some Italian food that we never try before. After the foods runs out, we're going back to the reality.

Your call number is my favorite. An hour of talking on the phone can't ruins my day. So long time ago that we've met each other and talk in the bedroom with king size bed, two pillows, and super cold AC.

We finally talked about yourself, not myself. I keep listening without interruption.

"Let's go to the beach and see a sunset."

We're going to nothing.
We're going to nowhere.
We're going to another level of our life.
We're going to a messy life with ruins each other.
We're going back to the start to what we've undone.

You played a music that you loved and then I changed to the music I loved when you were in the toilet. You open the door with an angry face then kissed me while Taylor Swift started to sing.

"It's time to play, baby." We went to bed when Tyler Joseph started to sing.

"Don't let me be gone..."

As if forgetting if tomorrow we will separate in 994,194 miles away.

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