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"My Green School" (Hortatory Exposition)

The green school is something must held in every school. Now, the global warming are happen, so we need a strategy for stop it. If a school has many plants, such as trees, flowers, or another plants, its mean the school we can say as the healthy school. But, it must be complete with clean and discipline student for safe it.

For make the green school we can do so many things. Example, we can plant many trees on beside the yard or front of classroom, we don’t rubbish anywhere we stand, recycle the rubbish become a good product, etc. Oxygen is the best thing what the trees producing for us. Because without oxygen is impossible for us to life.
The green school which one of school ideal in Indonesia. Because we've done aware that we need the green school and the green environment. The green plants can protect us from sun lightness, because is not good for our skin.We can learn many things from environment. It will make us loving the school and know how to good strategy for safe the ea…